BBQ catering

BBQ Catering

Quality food and a friendly staff is our recipe for a great time with family and friends. We offer a variety of all inclusive packages starting at $11 per person.

-Onsite grilling by cook
-Burgers, Cheese burgers and buns (We say no to frozen patties!)

-Tomatos, lettuce and onions
-Hot Dogs and buns -Refreshments (Juices, water & soda)
-Ice and Cooler included to store all refreshments
-Potato chips
-Condiments (Mayonaise, ketchup, mustard & relish)
-Plates, napkins and cups
-Tent, grill, serving trays and table
-Three hour service
All for only $11 per person

We also offer other add ons such as steak, chicken, corn dogs and other food items. To get the party started please send us a message.

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