Budgeting your party or event

There are two factors that will always determine the budget for any party and event, guests and services. The number of guests will determine on how much money you will pay for services. Here’s an example…

The number of guests will determine…

-How much food you are going to provide

-How much soda, juice, water, beer and alcohol you will purchase

-How many bags of ice you will buy

-How many chairs and tables will you rent

-The number of table linens, silver ware, glasses, plates, center pieces and table décor you will


-Even DJ’s have pricing for the number of guests they will be entertaining for


The two best ways of knowing what your budget will be for your party or event is to know how many guests will be attending and find the best pricing for services.

The best way to get great pricing and quality service is to work with vendors or event party planners that have a variety of options, that way you can get everything under one roof and also get a major discount for all services combined. (please feel free to contact us about pricing for quality party services, A Rivera Event 786-226-4293).

If you want your party or event to be memorable, don’t cut corners by hiring a friend or someone you know that’s a DJ, bartender or any family members that agree to cook and serve food. Planning an event takes time management, experience under pressure, punctuality and professionalism.


I’ve heard parties where the food arrives late and sometimes cold. I attended a party once with 150 guests and only two bartenders. What a mess. The guests were upset for the length of time they had to stand in line in order to get a drink. The guests actually spent more time waiting in line for a drink than they did on the dance floor dancing. Needless to say neither the host nor the guests were happy.

The lesson here is, you get what you pay for. So, be realistic about your budget and either get professional service and consult with a party planner or do the research and make sure you make the right decisions.

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