Chairs, chairs and more chairs!

Out of so many different styles of chairs to choose from, Chiavari chairs are amongst the most popular of all styles. Most industry professionals may say it is the standard. Chiavari chairs are indeed elegant and we have all colors and styles in stock. Chances are if you’ve seen it we have it. We also do provide a variety of different chairs such as bamboo chairs, wood chairs and even the infamous acrylic ghost chairs!

Ghost chairs are ideal for any formal gathering and will go with any color scheme since these chairs are transparent. Ghost chairs are very impressive and elegant. These chairs are designed with a rounded back that recalls the shape of antique medallions chairs. We are one of the few in town that have these chairs available for your next event.

If you think your chairs are accessories, think again. Chairs bring out the accented colors from your table linens, lay overs and table decor. in addition, chairs can be accessorized with sashes, cushions and bow ties just to name a few.

Here’s some food for thought, the next time you are absolutely sure you chose the perfect combination for table linens and decor but you feel as if something is just not right…explore your options of what chairs are available to you and accessories accordingly. You may be surprised.





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