Miami wait staff, waiters and bartenders for your wedding or party event

Having the perfect wait staff and bartenders for your event involves a few variables. The first and foremost important variable is to make sure you are properly staffed with the right number of workers for your event. How do you figure this out? Easy, you leave it up to your event planner.

Event planners are in the business to provide convenience for their clients. By providing the right number of servers and workers, your event planner will make their job a lot easier by performing much more efficiently.

With a professional event planner you don’t ever have to worry about being over staffed because by default, event planners are organizers that are trained to use all available resources and that includes man power.

At your event your servers will perform a myriad of tasks. Whether your event is a formal sit down dinner or buffet, here are just a few tasks your servers and wait staff will perform that come to mind…

Your Server will…

Set up table, table linens, napkins, silverware, glasses and table décor

Set up wait station that includes ice, multiple pitchers of water and coffee, glasses, plates, silverware, etc..

Serve water and refreshments

Serve and offer Hors d’oeuvres

Serve Appetizers

Serve wine

Serve Entrée

Serve dessert

Serve coffee

Prepare and serve Champagne


Your bartender server will….

Set up all glasses

Set up napkins, stirrers, straws..etc

Set up and cut up limes, lemons, cherries, olives etc

Set up all ice coolers with ice for drinks

Set up refreshments and water

Set up beer and wine for cooling in either ice cooler or freezer

Set up all liquor and alcohol

And also, a great bartender should not keep your guests waiting more than 5 minutes for their drink


Your clean up server will…

Pick up all plates, silverware, glasses, napkins…etc

Dispose and clear waste off plates, glasses and silverware

Place all plates and glasses in designated area in order by size

Pack up all plates, glasses and silverware out of sight and ready for next day pick up.

Gather and toss out all waste accordingly


(keep in mind catering is not part of this task list. A task list for catering will be posted soon)

After reading this list it is easy to understand that having the right number of servers is important but you must also have an experienced team of servers that will provide flawless professional service.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us with any inquiries … 786-488-7445 A Rivera Event

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