Planning a party on a budget: fundamental questions you should ask yourself

This is a great place to start your party planning. Let’s elaborate on each item and see what may be best for your party. First you must ask yourself some fundamental questions…


What kind of party am I having?

Wedding, anniversary, corporate event, sweet sixteen, birthday party, tween birthday, child birthday, holiday party, …etc.


Is my event in the evening or in the day time?

Answering this question can help determine what kind of food and drinks will be served, what type of entertainment you should provide, what kind of décor will compliment your event,..etc


Who are my guests? Are my guests family, friends or business associates?

The difference between a party that include more family members versus friends will set the tone in the direction for your party planning. Family parties tend to be more personal while parties to entertain friends and business associates are more plush or swank.


What is the age range of my guests?

This is a great way to know what kind of entertainment and food you should provide.


Where is my party being held at? Will my party be at my home, a reception hall, garden, park, etc?

The location you choose will make a big difference in costs. Some locations may have in house services like catering, tables, seating and décor amongst other things that may save you time and money. If you do decide to render these in house services you will want to properly examine them to determine the quality of service.


How many guests are attending?

The number of guests attending your event is crucial for planning, organization and costs that deal with quantity of food, beverage, seating, tables and space to accommodate for all the festivities and guests.


What is the theme for my event?

A theme can set the tone for décor, music, entertainment, food and so much more.


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In all the years we’ve been providing memorable parties and events, I must tell that the most important thing over all that always gets forgotten in the madness of planning is, make sure you have fun. With so much time and money spent on your event, you want to make sure you do enjoy yourself the day of your event. One of the best ways to make sure of this is to hire an event planner or party planner. An event planner has all the trusted vendors that you will need. An evetn party planner will  also provide you with great pricing. Event planner’s usually get a 20% discount from their vendors and pass on the savings to you. We are South Florida’s #1 event planners that specialize with all budgets. We provide great service at the best prices. Call us, A Rivera Event 786-488-7445. Thank you for reading our blog and please comment, stop by again or call.


-Ivan Rivera

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