Storybook wedding poem

A little storybook wedding poem for the bride to be…

This poem is written by one of our wedding planners and it is inspired by the beauty and romance found in Miami Florida. Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of your life….

As you awake on your wedding day and open your eyes, uncontrollable smiles and giggles are recognized,

From past adolescent days between a girl and a boy, on this day, your wedding day, will be filled with romance and joy.

The wedding march commences as you’re walking down the aisle, with your heart in your hands and a adolescent smile,

Gorgeous pillars of exotic flowers,  flutter the arches where you exchange your vows.

Defining, to have and to hold, is to look in each other’s eyes and see your souls.      

Dimmed lights, love and romance, on this day you will have your first dance.

Romantic décor and chilled champagne fill the room, the time to depart will be coming soon.

When intimate moments are to be pursued, this would be a good the time to say good night, good bye, and we bid you adieu….onto the Honeymoon!

Congratulations! Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime event that will be cherished forever. Every single moment is to be taken in and savored. Many beautiful pictures will be taken and smiles will fill the room as you become the center of the universe. Seize the day today, because it is yours and all that is possible, will be. We would love to make your story book wedding a beautiful romantic reality. Please feel free to contact us 786-488-7445

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  1. Hello and thank you. This poem was written by one of our wedding coordinators.

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